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When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

We take pride in being able to turn  your loan around in the shortest possible time frame. Some programs offer same/next day approval and next day funding. 

Some of the other programs we offer allow for lower credit scores, as low as 500, and short time in business, as low as 3 months.

We have Term Loans and Business Credit Cards that may be used for Start Ups, always the single toughest situations in the industry.

And if you have funds in an IRA or 401(k) that you would like to use to fund your business, we have companies who specialize in this area as well. 

Federal Securities laws in this area are tricky, so it is imperative that you use the proper professionals to set up your Self Directed IRA.


When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

 We can help you with access to dozens of different Business and Asset Based Loan Programs nationwide. Our lenders offer Term Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, ACH/Cash Flow Based Loans, and Lines of Credit for existing businesses. 

 Commercial Real Estate and Construction Loans are available, both via the SBA, and through private lenders. Fast hard money loans with no appraisal and limited docs are a specialty!

We can source both Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order financing. Inventory may be used as  well, and we have lenders that specialize in medical/dental and construction deals, 2 areas most AR and PO finance companies decline.

We now have multiple true Business Lines of Credit, with one having no minimum FICO score at all. Access up to $100,000 or $250,000 within 24-48 hours, with solid rates and true revolving access, so you can use them and repay as often as needed.  

We have also offer Publicly Traded Securities Loans, both stock and bond, and rates for these programs are UNBEATABLE currently. The company we use is a Finra approved broker/dealer, and the loans differ from margin loans as they can be used for any purpose.

Our Luxury Asset source can use most any collectible asset, such as coins, jewelry, precious metals, luxury/collector autos, fine wine and art collections as collateral.   


Why Us?

When the Bank Says No, We Say Yes

Why Us?

In 2011, after nearly 20 years in the insurance and financial services  business, I was doing polling of my business clients to see exactly what  their biggest challenges were. Most agreed that after the financial  crisis of 2008 and 2009, the biggest issue they faced was a lack of  capital. 

Commercial banks had stopped lending for business and  commercial/investment real estate and clients were looking for  alternatives.  That is when I shifted the focus of my business from financial planning to business funding.

We work with an array of lenders to solve most any issue  facing our clients. I am consistently searching looking for ways to help  small business clients become more profitable.

With over 25 years in the financial services industry we understand your situation and are here to help.  We are always happy to help you with your business and alternative funding goals.  


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Contact Us

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