Frequently Asked Questions


Is Shell Beach Capital a lender?  No, we are a broker and referral agent for hundreds of SBA, private bank, non bank, pension fund, and private lending and investor sources that fund asset based loans, commercial real estate loans, business loans, including cash flow based business loans, merchant cash advances, new ventures and many more. When the bank says no, we say yes. 

What should I expect from working with Shell Beach Capital?  We have one mission - to help you - find the money you are looking for. We have direct connections to hundreds of national lenders and investors, and we understand their individual program requirements. We help save you time and get the loan you need with less hassle, paperwork, and lower interest rates by avoiding programs you won't qualify for or that have hidden fees. We educate you on your options, so that you can make the best loan decision.

I have bad or fair credit, can you help me?  The answer is yes. Depending on your credit score, we have many options available. No matter what your situation, we will recommend a next step and work with you to achieve your goal.

Do you have loan programs for people with great or perfect credit?  Yes, and we have lenders looking for applicants with great credit as well.

What do I need to do to get started? Since every person is unique, and every scenario is different, we suggest you give us a call, send us an email, or fill out the contact us form and we will get right back to you to discuss your situation. 

Do you charge advance fees? We never ask for advance fees for any loan or project. If you need someone to write an executive summary or business plan there may be a fee, but many of our loans do not require them. Commercial real estate lenders may require appraisals, site visits, etc., and any fees will be disclosed in advance. We never work with lenders or investors who charge bogus fees.

How long will it take to get funded? Again every scenario is different, but many of our lenders offer same day or next day approvals or letters of intent, and funding in just a few days. Some more complex projects will obviously take longer, more reason for you to inquire today.